Digital Apps and Online Learning Sites That Can Help in Homeschooling



Homeschooling has been going on for some time, and many parents all over the world have embraced the practice and method of providing education to their children in this manner. Just like traditional education, homeschooling also undergoes several changes and follow innovations in teaching. One of which is the use of digital technologies in teaching children. The purpose of this article is to present a list of some digital information technologies that are currently used in the homeschooling environment.

Taking The Mainstream Into A Higher Notch

It’s not much of a surprise of how computer technology made our lives more comfortable and efficient. In the field of education, learning became more appealing to students as teaching became interactive, fun, and exciting.

Digital programs have been beneficial for parents who doubt their qualifications of becoming their child’s teacher at home. Everything that parents need for their child’s learning materials is now accessible and is only one click or download away.

Because of the many selections to choose from, parents tend to get overwhelmed on what suits best their children. Well, this will entirely depend on the homeschool program that you are using and if the kind of technology is adaptable to your lessons and courses.




Parent’s Corner

The following applications are useful for parents, especially those who are just beginning to homeschool. Most of these apps are available on either Android or iOs system. Just look for them and download them to your phone or tablet. Also, not all are free, so be ready to spend a small fee to be able to access them or buying the whole program for a substantial amount.

Homeschool Helper. Its functionality and features are best utilized in a tablet format. This app helps in constructing lesson plans and monitoring its progress until completion. It can also help in computing grades and manage book lists.

FamilyTime. For sure, this app will get two thumbs up from parents! Parents will now have total control of setting limits on the internet and gadget usage of children. Having this app, children will have limited screen time and puts them to bed as directed because their phones or gadgets automatically sets off. Prohibited sites are also not allowed on the children’s devices as programmed by the parents as restricted or banned.

Screen Time. One major setback of digital gadget use is the lack of time for children to do extracurricular activities that allow them to exert physical exercise. With Screen Time, parents can teach positive media usage to children and motivates them to get off the couch and do something else aside from looking at their gadgets that the whole day. The app is only available in the Apple store and can only be used for iOs systems.



Online Learning Websites




The worldwide web is likened to a vast jungle with various sites to visit, and some are harmful to our children. The following are some of the learning websites recommended by parents who are into homeschooling:


Khan Academy ( Perhaps the largest free online learning site for students of all ages. The site is designed to provide free short courses, supplemental topics, and even test preparation guidelines. The site developers and contributors are all well-respected teachers or professors in their fields of expertise; thus, it is guaranteed that the courses they offer are legit and are based on the concepts of educational paradigms.

Starfall ( Great for young children who are starting to read and learn spoken words. The site offers free interactive exercises, with play and story modes, enabling them to play and at the same time learn how to read.

Clickschooling ( One great feature of this site is their free field trips anywhere in the world. With the help of virtual reality, the student is transported to the Museum of London or the Pyramids of Giza without leaving the comforts of their home. Clickscholing also provides a web-based curriculum that if selected can be emailed to you six days a week. You never worry about what lesson to teach the child on this day, as Clickschooling will do that for you.

There are numerous learning sites to discover and try, but the most important thing to consider is the following criteria:

  • The site owners or contributors and programmers ensure that the primary goal of their learning sites or application is to deliver new sets of knowledge, skills, and attitude to the child.
  • The learning site or application provides values and teaches the child the concept of right and wrong, human relationship, social responsibility, and respect.
  • The learning site or app does not hinder or compromise the child’s learning capacity instead improve their cognitive and psychological abilities.