Why Parents Feel Pressured With Homeschooling (Stress Management Counseling)

A lot of parents nowadays are choosing to home school their kids. They have seen the benefits of homeschooling as it can potentially create an active and respectful socialized individual that can become a productive member of society. Some parents believe that homeschooling helps address social dilemmas of children such as bullying, high academic standards, and people-pleasing. But in the interest of remaining balance in children’s life, home education sometimes provides these kids a complicated and challenging environment. With that, let’s discuss some of the reasons why parents feel a little pressured with homeschooling.

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School Withdrawals

If kids are used to social interactions and are exposed to many different people, there is not much to explain why they need to enter school physically. Yes, there will be some adjustments to that due to the change of environment, but it will not cause too much pressure on some kids. Transitioning from home school to school can be exciting and fun. However, those children who get to experience fewer social connections might struggle with school withdrawals. These children might not appreciate everything about school despite the overall benefits they can get from it. They might end up hating school for the rest of their lives, and some of them might dethatch themselves from people. It can put a lot of pressure on parents, especially when building their children’s social and communication skills.

Sadness And Loneliness

One exemption of homeschooling is social interaction with a lot of different people. Unlike attending school, kids can socialize with other children their age and explore things together with friends. But when children are homeschooled, they are less exposed to social interaction. They are more likely to do things on their own and understanding everything individually. As a result, the whole experience of learning can sometimes become uninteresting. Those feelings can lead to sadness and loneliness over time. Children would then feel isolated and distant from other kids and people. It can affect parenting because the more children feel sad and lonely, the more complicated it is for parents to discuss the importance of learning through home school.

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Lack Of Motivation

Another unseen issue with homeschooling is the lack of motivation. Usually, when kids are at home, they often do not feel the need to learn various things and experience the procedure. There are times that children do not encourage themselves to go beyond their capabilities because of the limited environment. And since there is not much healthy competition going on with homeschooling, children feel a little drawn to what’s already handed to them. They do not intend to explore, and they happen to go with the flow. While some children experience different types of homeschooling, there are those kids who are struggling with a stagnant process. It is indeed a cause of pressure to parents because children with stagnant experiences are more likely to disregard learning.

Lack Of Rest And Breaks

One of the misconceptions about homeschooling is the number of quality breaks or rests children and parents get. People believe that since children are homeschooled, they have plenty of time to do many things freely. Every time they want to study or play, they can easily find the right moment to work on those things without a hassle. But that is farther from the truth. Homeschooling and daily life can get mixed up, which becomes a constant problem to children’s emotional and mental health. Children often get caught up with the things they have to do to enjoy life versus what they need to learn to improve their lives. With that almost tangled-up momentum, children struggle to have boundaries. It is a problem that causes parents a lot of damaging stress because it would require a lot of time and effort to handle. It deprives parents of seeing the importance of breaks and rests.

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School At Home

It would entirely become useless to say that home can become a school due to homeschooling because that is exactly why it exists. But in a deeper understanding, a home should be the one providing everyone a sense of identity, security, belonging, control, and privacy. Yes, it can be a suitable place to cultivate learning. But there are exemptions to that since the home’s sole purpose is to provide the family an escape from the busyness and intrusiveness of some things from the outside world. So when kids are homeschooled, they would think of it as school or a place for academic learning. They might not see it as their comfort zone and would identify it as a place that prepares them for their community involvement.


Homeschooling is not a universal remedy to the issues children experience in school. And though a lot of parents would now consider it, they still need to acknowledge the possible negative impacts it can bring to their children.