How To Prepare Your Home For Homeschooling

The coronavirus pandemic has pulled all of us out of our usual routine – work and school. And experts suggest that our current practices – social distancing and quarantine – may be our new normal. Meaning going to school will not be possible for your children. But learning must not stop. So, parents chose a safer learning environment for their kids – homes.

If you are new to homeschooling, you may ask, “how will I make my home a conducive learning environment for my child?” I got you! Here is a guide in preparing your home for homeschooling. This guide is also helpful for homeschooling parents who are curious about redesigning their regular learning areas for better learning for the kids.



“Where?” is the first question that you need to ask yourself when preparing your home for homeschooling. In school, classrooms need to be a comfortable learning space that is both engaging and stimulating. So, you must recreate the same situation at home. 

If you can spare a room, turn it into a learning space and provide tables and chairs appropriate for your child’s age. A desk and a desk chair will be more suitable for teens and college students, while small activity tables will be okay for your younger child. If you don’t have spare space at home, a plain kitchen counter or dining table will do as well.

Here are other things that you must try to have in their learning spaces:

  • Bulletin board
  • Bookcase containing age-appropriate reading materials
  • Play area for younger learners
  • Comfy seating
  • Activity space for hands-on projects and crafting
  • Educational games



You must also find storage for your learning spaces. Cubbies or cabinets will help organize your homeschooling child’s things. Painted crates are also a cute place to store clutter. You must also have pencil holders at all times, so your kid or teen will know where to put and find the pen that they need.

Moveable storage boxes are excellent alternatives if your dedicated learning space is another part of your house – kitchen or dining area. It is mobile and easy to store when not in use.

Computer And Internet


Another staple that you should have is a computer and internet connection. Whether your curriculum is accessible through online platforms or modules, a sound machine will be needed for classes or doing assignments. There is no need to buy a new device for learning if you already have a desktop or a laptop at home. You only have to make sure that it will be available when your child needs to study.

If you intend to buy a new computer, the best option will be affected by your learning space and your technological needs. If you don’t have a separate learning room at home, then a laptop is what you need. But if you have a dedicated study room, desktops are cheaper and therefore more appropriate device for you.


Another factor that you have to manage is a distraction. What this maybe will differ, depending on your child. That is why a dedicated learning space, clear of unnecessary learning clutter, is needed. So, if you are using your kitchen counter for learning, make sure that it is free from the clutter that can distract your learner. 

You may also need to put parental controls on the learning device – desktop, laptop, or tablet, to make sure that your child is not playing during study time.

Printed Schedule


Lastly, you need to set up a schedule for learning. Dr. Kyle Pruett, M.D., shares, “When things happen in an expected and organized pattern, children learn what to anticipate, and this helps the children feel secure when they are crossing the threshold of change, as they do every day.”

Setting up schedules is extremely necessary now that your child is out of our previous routines. This strategy can help them manage their time and can even give them a sense of control over their lives amid these uncertain times. Print a schedule and post it where your child can see it.

The home is the safest place to be at these days. So, turn your homes into a better learning space for your child and help them adjust to the new normal with ease!