I have recently watched a specific video clip on YouTube because the thumbnail interests me. It says, “Homeschooling Is A Bad Idea.” The content creator has some short disclaimer about homeschooling and based the entire video on personal experience. I guess that would excuse him from being na├»ve and insensitive in his approach to homeschooling. But for me, the entirety of the video is a bit rude and somewhat untrue. Allow me to pinpoint some hits on the video and share with you why I disagree with most of them.

Homeschooling or home education

He Said That Homeschooled Kids Are All Weird

As much as I want to slap the content creator in the face, I would rather go up and meet him and tell him that I am not weird. My personal issue with his statement is that he based “weirdness” on homeschooled individuals uninterested in shits. Weirdness has nothing to do with homeschooling, and if that kid grew up liking all sorts of different things that are far-fetched and unaccepted by most “cool” kids or people in society, then who cares? If those homeschooled people like stuff different from others, what gives people the right to say that being different is the same as being weird? Aside from that, some children, especially those with Autism, can’t always handle going to school. That is why nobody should judge why some parents decide on the home school for their kids.

He Said That People Should Go To School To Be Labeled By Society

The problem with this statement is the audacity to say that people should go to school to get labeled. The stupid content creator said that even if an individual gets bullied over his indifference, he should accept it because that can determine their role in life. So he means that everyone should go to a place despite knowing they’ll experience all sorts of mental, physical, and emotional damage only to know their place in society? Who the hell thinks that way? Why would anyone torture their overall well-being to get other people’s approval? Regardless of children, teens, or any individuals who are homeschooled or not can still determine their stand on society. They do not have to get beaten up by other people only to know they are one of the nerds or one of the bullies.


He Said That Parents Are Not Academically Capable Of Teaching

Ok, for this part, I might agree with the statement. The reason for that is the professional approach that teachers provide to the students compared to the not-so-focused, terror, or probably unapproachable ways of parent teaching. But to say that parents are incapable of academically teaching kids, that’s partly offensive. Yes, some parents might not have a degree of teaching, but the way they handle their kids’ learning can make a difference. And even if they rely on textbooks to fill in some gaps between academic lessons, parents can still teach children the same way as professional teachers do, which is sometimes even better. But he didn’t try to note on his video what he thinks about when the parent is a teacher or other people who live in the house are academically teaching professionals. Doesn’t it count?

He Said Homeschooling Doesn’t Support Social Interaction.

At this part, it becomes evident to me that the content creator does not know anything about homeschooling and its social interaction. When he said that homeschooled kids or individuals are only sharing their life with their parents and siblings, that statement is bullshit. I have friends. As far as I can remember, I mingle with different people almost every day. Being homeschooled does not mean I have to isolate and lock myself in our house. Though yes, there might be some people out there who are dealing with social anxiety. But that does not generalize all of them who are socially anxious as homeschooled. So when he said that homeschooled individuals do not know how to act around other people, I’m not sure what kind of people he is talking about.



As someone who has been homeschooled for almost ten years of childhood, I must say the content creator created a poor example of trying and stopping people from homeschooling. Regardless of the declaimer, he sounded confident about what he was talking about, making everything a little off. The first is because he doesn’t know what’s best for other people’s children. The second is because everyone has different needs and different desires for their kids. Therefore, all the things he rants about why he thinks homeschooling is a bad idea are solely based on his closed-minded approach to homeschooling. As for my opinion, the video content creator sounded more ignorant than knowledgeable on this matter.