2014 Los Angeles Depression Workshop: Practical Tips On Overcoming The Disorder

Looking back, the panelists at the 2014 Los Angeles Depression Workshop did not mince with words when they said that the disorder is incurable. It is true – no matter how much you spend on anti-depressants, they cannot save you from depression. According to Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., “Depression is an insidious, isolating disorder, which can sabotage relationships.” Instead of feeling down about it, though, you should know that many individuals got to overcome the illness without drugs.

Below are a few practical tips on how to beat depression on your own.

1. Face Your Issues

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The first thing you need to do is to deal with whatever makes you feel hopeless. “Remember, hope is one of the things that leaves when a person is depressed. But hope can be reignited through small successes along the way, reinvigorating the memory of better times — times that can be just around the corner as you begin to win the battle over depression,” said psychologist Jane Framingham, Ph.D. There is genuinely no other way around it. Even if you consult the best psychologist or psychiatrist, they will likely tell you that your healing will be based on your openness to accept your new reality. Otherwise, you may not be able to move forward.

2. Contradict Negative Thoughts About Yourself

Say, you developed depression because the man or woman you devoted many years to left you for someone else abruptly. Ideas about not being good enough for that person or being unlovable may then try to enter your brain. Considering you want to overcome your condition, though, you should contradict every negative thought that comes to mind. You are fantastic; you deserve love as much as anyone. It’s time you remind yourself of that.

3. Don’t Be Scared To Ask For Help

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The problem with some depressed folks is that they choose not to call for help even during their gloomiest moments. The reason is not always the same, but the most common one is that they fear of getting turned down by their loved ones who don’t understand their issues. “The biggest misconception patients have is that their depressed feelings, fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate and loss of interest will last forever; that there is no relief in sight”, said Rosalind S. Dorlen, Psy.D, ABPP, New Jersey clinical psychologist. Nevertheless, you ought to remember that the people who genuinely care for you won’t throw questions before lending a hand. They will do it the other way and wait until you are ready to speak up.


Do yourself a favor, will you? Keep these things in mind whenever you feel depression creeping back in your life. Good luck!